Walking boots, red Mazda and the southern highlands

August 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's winter and I've been wandering around the Southern Highlands at the bottom of the Australian Capital Territory. I'm exploring areas, looking for edges, through which I can access snow in high granite country. With the trend of increasingly warmer climate and the variability of weather in this part of Aus', snow can be pretty 'hit and miss'. For the present, I'm happy to point red Mazda into the mountains, pull on my walking boots, hoist my waterproof camera pack and have a look. Thought this little wander and piece of farming history might be of interest.

2016-IMG_1148-HDR1500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_1148-HDR1500px80pcWM.jpgDown the valley 2016-IMG_11551500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_11551500px80pcWM.jpgOrroral Homestead 2016-IMG_1151-HDR-21500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_1151-HDR-21500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_1145-HDR1500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_1145-HDR1500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_11331500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_11331500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_10791500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_10791500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_10871500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_10871500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_10671500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_10671500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_10711500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_10711500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_10691500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_10691500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_10901500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_10901500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia 2016-IMG_10891500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_10891500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia

and back to the timber, car and move'n on 2016-IMG_11541500px80pcWM.jpg2016-IMG_11541500px80pcWM.jpgSouthern Highlands ACT Australia     


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