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Renewable energy - Capital Wind Farm

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In Australia, our development of renewable energy has been slow compared to some parts of the world. However, near the nations capital, Canberra, Capital Wind Farm has been generating electricity from the wind for some years. 

20091109-0216-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0216-FullRes100pc.jpgCapital Wind Farm

Arranged in “strings” along the hills above Lake George near Canberra, are 67 Suzlon wind turbines that are the prime movers of the Capital Wind Farm. The total combined capacity of these machines is 140.7MW (megawatts). For more info see => Capital Wind Farm

Back in 2009, I was studying photojournalism, to extend an interest in imagery and stories. I was looking for something that really interested me, to add to my portfolio. Having worked for a company that designed and built coal fired thermal power stations, many years earlier, when I was studying engineering, these alternative electricity generation systems had long fascinated me and Capital Wind Farm was being built in the region in which I lived.

At the time, many of the turbines had been erected but work was still in progress with commissioning planned for early in 2010. With permission of the head contractor and facilitated by the project manager, I got access to the site to document some of the activity. In appropriate safety gear, I was driven around by the project manager for a unique view of plant and folk working.

The pictures that follow include those from on-site; but also, broader views from locations around the district and even include wildlife and grazing animals. Not entirely satisfied that I’d captured the scale and impact; I charted a light aircraft, had the passenger door removed and viewed from above. The day was stormy, certainly not ideal for clear documentation but it did provide dramatic moody light and some interesting imagery which I think, now eight years later, are worth including. (btw hanging out of a small over-wing aircraft, bouncing around between storms at minimum speed is an experience 😊).   

A local with the old and the new. Nothing new in using wind to provide motive force but the technology has improved. This Alpaca is more concerned by me than windmills.

20091109-0036-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0036-FullRes100pc.jpgA local with the old and the new. Wind has been used for power for a long time.

20091109-0025-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0025-FullRes100pc.jpgCapital Wind farm

Viewed from across the bottom end of Lake George, looking east.

20091109-0039-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0039-FullRes100pc.jpgCapital Wind Farm, Lake George 20091109-0040-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0040-FullRes100pc.jpgCapital Wind Farm, Lake George 20091109-0041-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0041-FullRes100pc.jpgCapital Wind Farm, Lake George

Now on-site

20091109-0151-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0151-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0161-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0161-FullRes100pc.jpg


Close up to the towers. Each tower has it's own transformer installation.

20091109-0156-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0156-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0155-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0155-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0141-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0141-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0130-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0130-FullRes100pc.jpgTurbine tower maintenance door, Capital Wind Farm, Lake George

looking up


some challenging lifts in an exposed windy area


Blades ready to be erected. Each blade is about 40 meters long (from memory) 

20091109-0167-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0167-FullRes100pc.jpg40m long blades ready to erect onto the 60m towers Wind breaks are really useful for sheep, especially at lambing, in the cold southern highlands. Wind turbines sit on the hills and ridges above.



Wedgetail eagles riding the thermals above turbines. These guys range over something like 500klm. Living up in the mountains of he Great Dividing range, I used to see pairs from time to time. Occasionally, they'd be with their fledglings. I can watch these birds for hours.  

20091109-0208-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0208-FullRes100pc.jpgWedgetail eagles riding the thermals above turbines.

Private access only, just by the way

20091109-0217-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0217-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0234-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0234-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0240-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0240-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0260-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0260-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0237-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0237-FullRes100pc.jpg

early evening and with cloud from the northeastern side

20091109-0079-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0079-FullRes100pc.jpgevening and overcast

Now from the aircraft with cloud, storm heads and shafts of sunlight

20091109-0278-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0278-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0296-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0296-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0309-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0309-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0327-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0327-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0329-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0329-FullRes100pc.jpg 20091109-0338-FullRes100pc.jpg20091109-0338-FullRes100pc.jpg


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